One year into motherhood, I started my first business.

I had no business experience. No email list. No tech knowledge. No followers.

But the desire to create something of my own overrode all that. I loved motherhood, but I needed something outside of feel me?

I picked a passion of mine, and before I knew it, I'd created my own tea brand and was selling it to small businesses all over Australia from the comfort of my home.

But business didn't feel like I thought it would.

Self-doubt dictated nearly every decision I made and action I took.

Imposter Syndrome had me in constant fear that I'd be declared a fraud.

I felt challenged in all the wrong ways, constantly teetering between boredom and overwhelm.

I felt these things, not because I wasn't capable or worthy of running my own business, but because I chose the wrong business to run!...

The mistake I made was that I chose what I wanted to sell and then based all my decisions on that...


This is *the* biggest mistake you can make in business (and a mistake Mums make ALL the time!).

You see, great businesses aren't built upon a product. They're are built upon a purpose.

...and ones that aren't are the ones that fail.

My business didn't lack passion, but it did lack purpose (yes, they're totally different things!).

So, the question I had to ask myself was

"do I have the courage to stop doing what I'm currently doing and start doing something meaningful?"

And the answer was "hell yes!"

I chose to close down my successful business.

Because no matter how much financial success that business would bring me, it would never be enough.

Profit is important - absolutely.

But profit without purpose is meaningless.

"Success" without satisfaction is a thing. 

And life's too short to waste time doing mediocre things in a mediocre way.


But here's the thing...

Starting that business is the best thing I ever did.
Because if I didn't, I may never have discovered my purpose.

It wasn't until I found myself doing something that I didn't want to do that I discovered what I DO want to do.

Feeling boxed in is what made me realise that I want to branch out...

And maybe that's how you're feeling right now?

Whether you know what your purpose is or not, it doesn't matter...
All that matters at this point is that you know you want to run a business that's aligned with it, and you want to make a difference in the world.
Together, we'll figure the rest out.
Yes, Let's Do This!